A Greek business that deals with the art of coffee

We believe our work speaks for itself.
The earned world silver awards for their premium coffee. They trusted only fenomai for their digital marketing campaigns.
Facebook advanced campaigns
Google search ads
Google display ads
Special website menu for digital campaigns

Google ads Digital Marketing

A sample of the first 3 months

Google Display Campaigns

Google Search Campaigns

Google My business Campaigns

Clicks: 3063 unique visitors from ads to website

geolocation 2 miles from coffee shop

Average Cost per click: 0.20

“Viewable impr.” shows the number of times an ad was viewable to customers 1,872,259

Calls: 74 (new customers)

Got Directions from GPS(take away): 147 new customers

Local actions – Other engagements: Saved the menu for the near future

109 new customers

Social Media marketing

The Facebook Page when we got the control had 100 followers.

From our advanced campaigns in 2 months we gain 1.700 followers

Reach: 248.000 people 2 miles from coffee shop

Local Ad campaigns

Carousel ad campaigns

Traffic campaigns

Awareness campaigns

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Screenshot 2022 12 27T111817.582On Google Searches our clients was to the first 3 ad places with the biggest coffee shops in Greece!

We create a special landing page to mesure advanced data from  the ads


The clean time that a customer visited website

The percentage that a visitor scroll with his mouse from above the fold to the end of the website

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